Hi, this is one of my first blogs, here I'll talk principally about anime, 'cause I'm keen on it,my favourite anime series are GTO(Great Teacher Onizuka), Strawberry Panic and DNAngel, which I'm currently viewing.Also I 'll talk about Japan; its culture, language, people, geography, food... and about J-music(K-music too).But not all are about this country, here there will be something more ,If you liked this blog you can let a comment below,so I 'll kow what I have to improve...I hope that you enjoy here, welcome to Frozen Flame Street, this is just the begining....

lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

FT Island- Barae

This is one of my favourites asian music groups, FT-Island, in my opinion this is their best song, give them a chance and listent it ^^