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jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

A week in London

A few weeks ago I went to London,exactly on April 14th,the same day that the Iceland's volcano erupted,my return flight was cancelled, so I returned by bus some days after the day that I had to come back.But in spite of that problem,my visit to London was an incredible experience that I’ll never forget,it's an historic ,clean, kindy and beautiful town.I 've seen a lot of interesting things in this place, but here I'm going to centrate in some specific topics relationed with Japan and China.

At The British Museum
This is one of the most important museums at the world,so there's a lot to talk about, but this time I'm gonna centrate in one room ,the Japan Room.
This gallery travel through the history of Japan,from the prehistory to the present.This room begins with the recreation of a traditional tea house at full-size,where sometimes a show of the tea ceremony tooks place,but unfortunately I couldn't see it.Like I've said before the system of the gallery consists of a way from the prehistory(ancient original objects like paintings,figures,cups,weapons,clothes and other issues)to the modern era.

This time I'm going to talk about one object that I was strucked by it.Exactly it was at the section of modern art.

It consists of a Japanese artist’s picture called Mauro Suehiro.It’s one of the first works of art recognised at the currently art panorama.Below this picture there was something written on a board:

"A terrified woman is being dragged into a swamp at night.....sailed by a giant flying octopus and other supernatural beings.She clutches at a wooden grave marker(sotoba).The style of this lovingly painted work by manga artist Mauro is classified in Japan as "erotic grotesque",or ero-guro. Mauro says his favourite movies are those of US director David Lynch."
Personally,I think that it is a great work of art,
the election and combination of colours give to the picture a dismal and ghoulish atmosphere.I would like to analyze tis painting deeper: Attending to the tittle, the main figure(apart of the woman) is a giant octopus approaching to her,below this creature there is a spooky baby grappling her hair.On the top there is a bat ,at left a snake on the grave wood's sticks or sotoba with some kanjis drawn(I don’t know the meaning of those kanjis,but I’ll make a special section in order to decipher them),in the troubled water pokes an undefined creature that grabs her leg until bleed her,it seems to me like an amphibious monster man,at the background there’s a dark blur's shadow of a endwise human, and at forefront I found a baleful image of another human figure, but this time it’s completely different, it seems like a kneeling and naked old man, and this time it isn’t dark,but very fair, translucent, almost transparent, he’s landed on a strange object with 3 or 2 wood’s sticks that I haven’t found the meaning yet. And to finish I would like to highlight a shiny round light between the water and the surface, at first you can deduce that it’s the reflex of the moon, but it’s impossible because it isn’t altogether at the water...

Through the streets
Walking by the streets I realized the beauty and the essence of this city, its buildings, its atmosphere, its people, its culture...its magic. London is a cosmopolitan city, where people of all cultures, religions and breeds and countries live in harmony.Here I let some pictures that I made with my compact camera.

A telephone cabin(it really smells a bit strange...)

The only manga shop that I found,but I couldn't entry!!!

the Japanese fresh take away food restaurant where I ate!!!!delicious... ^^ but at Spain there isn't anything like that...


And to finish, Chinatown.There aren't words to describe it...it's simply fantastic, different, special.You have to go!!!

Me at Chinatown.^^
I hope that you have enjoyed with it,I would like to invite you to go to London, because it's worthwhile, it could be a magnific unforgettable experience.

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  1. Te tuviste que volver en tren desde Londres?????


    Yo con todas las veces que he ido no he tenido nunca la oportunidad de ir al chinatown de Londres>,< Pero el Sojo(la zona que esta al lado de convent garden) esta super super lleno de restaurantes japoneses y ademas son super super baratos!!!!>,<

  2. Por cierto al lado de mi piso tengo 2 restaurantes japoneses!!!

    Pero un dia os venis los tres a mi casa y os hago sushi, gyoza, nikuman y cualquier cosa que querais!!!! ademas os lo prometi!!!!

  3. Hey elena! ^^
    Mola mucho tu enfoque de Londres,
    me encantan las fotos, sobre todo la de la cabina de telefono, estan muy chulas!

  4. hola a todos!!!gracias por comentar :P
    jeje, de londres no m volví en tren, sino en bus,30 horas xD

    Pues cuando quieras quedamos para un dia fijo y a atiborrarnos a la japonesa, bueno a lo nihongo ^^

    me alegro mucho de que os haya gustado, lo hice con mucha ilusión jeje, ^^

  5. Tengo que ir XD, me ha gustado mucho como lo has descrito, el chinatown digo xD.

    Ay pues si, a ver cuando quedamos para comer eee!! Este veranico jeje

    Espero que te vaya bien en la uni~~