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miércoles, 8 de septiembre de 2010

It's time to eat!

This time I'm gonna write about the Japanese food; this issue is a "new" trend in our society,at our countries(the occidental ones). There are more and more J-restaurants in our cities, and it's agreat notice,although a lot of people have many distrust about this kind of food because of several reasons like the raw fish,but I want to invite all of you to taste this delicious food if you haven't done it before,because it will be worthwhile.

And at the same time I'd like to take this opportunity to teach a bit of new vocabulary very useful if you are going to go to a Japanese restaurant, or if you don't, it is useful too :)

First of all, it's interesting to know the Japanese name of the most important and common fishes,I 've made this chart with the wild animal and the food in the way we commonly eat it(not in j-restaurants) in the corners, and the names below that I have made in hiragana, romaji, english and Spanish(my mother tonge :P)

I hope it's useful to all of you:

These fishes aren't served in the common way,but they are served in a different way.You can find them in many ways, some of them are "maki", "nigiri", and "temaki"

A maki is a roll of rice with the fish inside(commonly with a bit of wasabi),the cylinder of rice is covered with seaweeds called nori.It must be mentioned "name of fish + maki" (tekkamaki = tekka(salmon) + maki)
Nigiri is only the fish on the ball of rice, sometimes held with a strip of seaweed.To mention that we must say only the name of the fish, for example a nigiri of tuna is "tekka"=tuna.
Temaki is a kind of maki,bigger, it 's a hand rolled sushi.
So if we join this chart eith the previous one we 'll get the aim that I wanted to show you :)

I know that it is only a bit of all Japanese food,so I 'll continue with this later on.
And I would like to thank my friends(that give me the opportunity to eat with them this great food,although in a home way) and to my darling^^(that took me to a Japanese restaurant buffet for the first time).This is for you. =)

C'mon now this is your time,take a good company and go to a J-restaurant,or a take away...for luch..or for dinnner...a Saturday night...or whenever you want...and remember...eat it on the whole form(vamos, de una vez ,entero a la boca...sino...preguntarme a mi...no Marta? xD)

*If you want to know more about this food follow this link : http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sushi

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  2. Si te fijas bien casi todo lo que has puesto de comida le gusta comer a los gatos... como curiosidad, como se dicen los gatos en japones?

    Kimono Bishito!! xD
    (Dejo a la autora buscar la respuesta correcta)

    -- Un tipo que le gustan los gatos :D

  3. jajajaaa abeeelll....jajajajaj pues ki sepas k no lo tengo k buscar porque ya me lo sabia :P
    se dise "neko"

  4. Ummm!!! Todo eso se prepararlo!!!!

    Por cierto hacia tiempo que no me metía en tu blog!

  5. si???con el calamar???el berberecho?el pulpo y la lubina??lo has hecho alguna vez??? :O
    yo creia k tu lo hacias de salmon y atun xD
    por cierto, cada vez me gusta más el wasabi... xD

  6. jajajaj yo este finde hago noche de sushi :D aunque será sushi occidentalizado :3 porque ami lo del pescado crudo... xD

    Tengo un nuevo blog y subiré la receta :P con fotos y todo :3